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You Gaggle Profile

The profile page is the main entry point for your personal information in Gaggle. It is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Your details
  2. Navigation
  3. Stats

Profile Overview

At the top of the profile page are two buttons, one to share your profile with others and another to configure your settings. Beneath that is your following/following count with your profile picture, name, and subscription status. You can tap on your profile picture to open up the account details page where you can change your profile picture.

Under your profile details is the navigation section where you can navigate to:

  1. All Flights - This will show you all your flight recordings and where you can import and export flights.
  2. Saved Routes - This will show you all your saved routes.
  3. Equipment - This will show you all your equipment like wings, motors, and bluetooth devices.
  4. Achievements - This will show you all personal bests from your flying career.
  5. Conversations - This will show you all your conversations with other pilots.
  6. Ask Gaggle - A personal assistant that you can ask any questions related to Gaggle’s functionality and features, your flights, flying sites, routes, and you can even ask it to find pilots to fly with.

The stats section shows you some basic stats about your flying career like:

  1. Lifetime flights
  2. Lifetime flight hours
  3. Flights this year
  4. Flight hours this year
  5. Flights this month
  6. Days since your last flight

You can swipe on the stats section to see a graph of your flights for the last 6 months.

Profile Settings


Tapping the settings button opens up the settings for your profile. From here you can:

  1. View your account - You can change your name, profile picture, and lifetime flight stats. You can also set your emergency contact here that will be contacted in case of an emergency based on predefined rules. You can also delete your account from here (This is not reversible).
  2. Subscription - You can view your subscription status and change your subscription plan.
  3. Privacy & Security - You can view who has recently viewed your recordings or live location and managed your blocked users.
  4. Units - You can change the units used in the app between metric and imperial.
  5. Recorder Settings - You can change the settings for the flight recorder. This is the same settings as on the flight recorder page.
  6. Organisations - Gaggle works with a few organisations to give them additional details and controls over their members. If you are a member of an organisation you can view the details here.
  7. About - You can view the version of the app and the terms of service and privacy policy.
  8. Sign Out - You can sign out of your account from here.