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Live Location Tracking

When you are part of a group or if you are near other pilots flying with Gaggle then you can track the live location of those pilots. You can also see the live location of pilots you are following. Live location tracking depends on the privacy config of the pilot.

When you are part of a group you will also get a notification when a pilot in your group starts flying. You can tap on the notification to open up the live tracking viewer.

Live Tracking 2D

When tracking a pilot can see their location on the map. Some additional details about the pilot is shown in the card on the bottom of the page. Some of the details shown include:

Pilot Name - The name of the pilot

Pilot Image - The profile image of the pilot

Battery - The battery level of the pilot’s phone

Aircraft Type - The type of aircraft the pilot is flying

Altitude - The altitude of the pilot

Height - The height above ground of the pilot

Speed - The speed of the pilot

You can quickly move between other pilots by swiping left/right on the card.

Live Tracking 3D

In addition to the 2D map view for tracking you can also follow pilots in 3D by tapping the 3D button in the top right of the map. This will show you the pilots in 3D, and you can rotate the map to see the pilots from different angles.

Frequently asked questions

Live tracking is just showing a spinner?

If you are seeing a spinner when trying to track a pilot then it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The pilot is not sharing their live location.
  2. The pilot is no longer flying.
  3. The pilot does not have network connectivity.

How frequently is the live location updated?

The live location is updated every 3-5 seconds.