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Map view

Gaggle by default shows a terrain map view with some key items displayed by default. You can configure most of these in the system settings and also change the map layers you want to view.

Map view

You can change many settings for the map view in the recorder settings, some of the options available are:

Map Orientation: You can configure the map to follow your general heading as you fly, or you can choose to have a north up view where the map will not move around.

Map Layer: Gaggle can show different base map layers. You can choose which one to use by toggling the display settings. There are 3 layers to choose from: satellite, terrain, or sectionals. Maps are cached and will work even when you are offline, you must just make sure that you’ve viewed the map for your intended route while being online so that the maps can download before you go into areas with reduced network coverage.

Nearby Pilots: If you have friends flying with you then they will have markers indicating their location and whether they are above or below you. Your friends must also use Gaggle to record their flight for this feature to work.

Flight Path: As you fly, Gaggle will draw a snail trail on the map showing where you’ve flown. The snail trail has the same color coding as the altitude widget and will show the path for the last 30 minutes of flight.

Take-off Indicator: The map will show an indicator marking your take-off location which will help you find your way back to your take-off location.

Airspaces: If you have airspaces installed for your region then the airspaces would show on the map giving you and indication of where you are allowed to fly.

Waypoints: When flying a route, the waypoints will show on the map indicating your route and where you need to fly to next.