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Ground Speed and Compass.

On the bottom left of the screen you will find the ground speed widget. This widget gives you the following information:

Ground Speed Widget

Ground Speed: Your current ground speed as reported by the GPS is displayed here. Because GPS data can jump up and own a lot depending on phones built-in GPS sensor, the data is smoothed out a bit before being displayed to you. Therefore, it will never be 100% accurate but it will be very close to your true ground speed most of the time.

Compass: Behind the ground speed value is a basic compass for you to see your direction of travel. The red arrow indicates North and Blue arrow indicates South. The direction of travel is also displayed as a text value above the ground speed value. While on the ground the compass will use your phone’s internal compass (if available), but once you start flying, this will show you your direction of travel regardless of phone orientation. In high wind speed conditions, the heading obtained from direction of travel would therefore be different from the direction that you are actually facing if you are crabbing sideways.

Fuel Level: If flying a powered paraglider, you have the option of configuring your fuel tank size and average consumption. Before starting your flight you can then set your fuel level and Gaggle will use your configured consumption to calculate the estimated fuel remaining while flying. The fuel consumption you set is used as a baseline, but Gaggle will also take climb and sink into account to increase or decrease estimated fuel burn while flying.