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Personal Airspaces

In addition to the official airspaces Gaggle also supports personal airspaces. Personal airspaces come in handy if you want to create your own “No-Fly Zones” if you know there are areas where landowners don’t want you flying.

Personal Airspaces 1

You can upload personal airspaces by navigating the Personal tab from the Airspace Gallery. To upload your own personal airspace you need to provide a name, description, and the OpenAIR airspace file.

OpenAIR Format: Gaggle uses plain text files in the OpenAIR format to import personal airspaces. For a full explanation of the OpenAIR format you can read the documentation here. You can also utilise online tools build and view OpenAIR files, XC Guide being one example. But at it’s most basic it is a plain TXT file you that you can edit yourself with some basic information in the following format:

AC R * <- Airspace Class (A, B, C, P, R, Q)
AN My Restricted Airspace Name * <- Airspace Name
AL SFC * <- Lower Limit (Surface)
AH 2000ft * <- Upper Limit
V X=25:51.861N -27:27.669W * <- Coordinates
DC 0.3 * <- Draw circle with a 3 nautical miles radius
* <- Empty Line indicating end of airspace information