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Using Gaggle


Airspace Widget

Viewing airspaces in flight with the airspace widget.


Information about the altitude flight instruments

Audio Cues

Learn how to use audio cues for your own copilot like experience.

Flight recorder controls

Learn how to control the flight recorder and settings.


See how you can locate and message friends.

Fuel Level

Monitor your fuel level while flying

Ground Speed & Compass

Information about the ground speed and compass instruments

Map view

Information about the satellite and terrain map view.

Recording Flights

Learn how to record your flights and change recording settings

Routes, Waypoints, and Take-off Location Widget

Information about flying routes with waypoints and the default route back to take-off.

Thermal Assistant

Learn how to use the thermal assistant in Gaggle to find and core thermals.


Get information about the built-in variometer included with Gaggle.

Watch Support

Learn how to use Gaggle with your Apple Watch

Wind Speed & Direction

Information about the wind speed and direction instrument.