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Release - Apr 28, 2024

April 2024 Updates to Gaggle

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  1. Recovery Driver Improvements: Now you can see a list of people flying and easily navigate to them or message them in the app.
  2. Route Planning Improvements: We’ve enhanced route planning. You can now tap anywhere on the map to see details about that area and add a waypoint. The mobile experience has also been redesigned.
  3. Explore Map Improvements: Tap anywhere on the explore map to see details about that area and quickly add a flying site or point of interest at the tapped location.
  4. Improved Recorder Startup Reliability: Android users, please check that everything is functioning correctly.
  5. Added Site URL Option for Site Guides: When you add a URL with info about the site, we will now pull that info from the website and integrate it into the site guide automatically.
  6. Emergency Contact Improvements: We’ve improved the emergency contact feature so that you can choose one or more Gaggle Groups that will be notified in case of an emergency. You can also set a phone number that will be messaged (in supported countries and subscription required).
  7. Other Small Bug Fixes and App Improvements:
    • Improved the recording replay view timelines.
    • Fixed the 3D replay not working on the web.
    • Moved the replay button onto the stats screen.
    • When navigating to a flying site, person, or other location, we now ask which navigation app you want to use (Google/Apple/Waze).
    • Fixed a few bugs with Audio Cues not picking up the correct locale when using the Samsung TTS Engine.
    • Improved the G-Force graph rendering to make it more visible.
    • Added support for searching GPS coordinates on the explore map and route planning view.
    • Added a layer picker to the explore map so you can now choose between satellite and terrain.
    • Fixed explore map and route planning search functionality not working on the web.
    • Fixed a bug where old map tiles weren’t being removed from the cache correctly.
    • We now show a warning when starting a recording, and we detect that power saver is enabled on Android.
    • You can now tap and open links in chats.
    • Fixed file imports not working on web.
    • Improved the visualiser altitude handling/rendering when close to the ground.
    • Improved the accuracy of travel time calculations.

Fly safe, and let us know how these updates enhance your Gaggle experience. We’re always here, listening and improving, because every flight should be a story worth telling. Happy flights, everyone!