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Release - Feb 4, 2024

January 2024 updates to Gaggle

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  1. We now blend data from the GPS and pressure altitude when determining height above ground level.
  2. Added audio cue option to announce all aircraft within a 6mi/10km radius from you even when there is no intersecting flight path.
  3. Updated manual flight log to allow selection of other aircraft types, expanding tracking versatility.
  4. Reworked map caching to improve speeds, making map interactions faster and more efficient.
  5. Improved layouts for small screens with large font sizes, enhancing usability across different devices while in flight.
  6. Watch app startup bug fixes.
  7. Fixed some problems with timezone handling on weather information showing incorrect weather data for some users.
  8. Improved the nearby aircraft dialog view for better clarity on surrounding air traffic. Try it out by tapping the aircraft icon while in flight.
  9. Implemented various other small fixes to enhance app stability and performance.

We’re excited to roll out these updates and look forward to your feedback. Fly safe and make the most of your time in the skies with Gaggle!