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Release - Oct 20, 2023

In flight route planning, long tap info lookup, and more

In flight route planning post
  1. You can now filter the route list for public or shared routes.
  2. G-Force measurement tweaks to make it more accurate. I am still tweaking this based on feedback.
  3. Flying sites and Points of Interest now show on the in-flight map. You can control which ones get displayed under Map settings. Tap any marker or flying site to get more info about it.
  4. Removed the route widget. It is now displayed with a small navigation widget on the bottom right of the map. Tap the widget to open the route details display.
  5. You can now change or edit routes while in flight. We also show more information about routes like the elevation between waypoints and fuel at arrival for each waypoint. Distance and time to each waypoint is now displayed on the map between waypoints.
  6. You can now see your last 3 takeoff locations on the map. Long tap on a takeoff location to create a waypoint to it.
  7. Introduced a new long tap gesture on the map. Long tap anywhere to see distance, bearing, and fuel at arrival for that point as well as the current wind direction and speed. You can quickly add a waypoint to that location, and we will also show any friends, markers, airspaces, and flying sites that are nearby.
  8. You can now zoom the map using the zoom buttons that show up after tapping once anywhere on the map.
  9. Airspaces in the app are now updated more regularly.
  10. You can now tap the fuel gauge widget to see more details about your fuel like remaining flight time and distance for current heading. Tapping the fuel level will allow you to edit your current fuel level while in flight.
  11. Fixed a nasty performance bug related to the glide shadow calculation that made it into the previous releases.
  12. Fix a bug with the wind direction being off by 180 degrees.
  13. Made a change to the site gust factor calculations to be less strict and show more flyable days.
  14. Many other small bug fixes and improvements.