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Everything you’ll need to write a great story about Gaggle, the flight recording app. Here you’ll find the Gaggle logo in various versions, other image assets, and our press releases.

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Gaggle - Flight Recorder, or just Gaggle for short.

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South Africa

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Hennie Brink found liberation in paramotoring after the suffocating isolation we all experienced during the pandemic. Combining his new-found love for aviation and decade plus experience in building software, Gaggle was borne. Gaggle grows with the vision of creating the most user-friendly and community building app in the market.

Founder of Gaggle & Director at Viszen: Hennie Brink Director at Viszen: Rishal Hurbans


Gaggle is a comprehensive flight recording app designed for modern pilots, particularly those who enjoy paramotoring and paragliding. The app enables pilots to plan, navigate, and record their flights with ease, and includes a wide range of features such as live location broadcasts, altitude tracking, climb and glide rates, ground speed, wind direction and speed, routes and takeoff location, airspaces, and more. Gaggle also serves as an electronic log book, automatically storing all flight recordings for future analysis and enabling pilots to relive their flights with a 3D visualizer. Additionally, the app allows pilots to track all of their paragliding wings and paramotor engines in one convenient location, and provides automated service history tracking to ensure gear is inspected at the appropriate intervals. Finally, Gaggle offers peace of mind to loved ones and family members, who can follow pilots in real-time and be notified when they take off and land.


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