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Written by: Hennie Brink on Feb 21, 2023

Enjoy safer flights with real-time aircraft detection

Gaggle and SafeSky

At Gaggle, we are always working hard to improve the app for all our pilots to make flying a better experience with every release. We are super excited to announce our latest release today with the brand-new partnership and integration with SafeSky! 😃🥳✈️

Through this partnership, you will now see other aircraft within a 25 km radius around you in real-time right inside the Gaggle app. If Gaggle detects an aircraft will be within 1km of the position in the next two minutes, an audio cue warning will sound, alerting you about the type of aircraft, its current position, altitude, and travel direction. A typical audio cue will sound like “Warning: Helicopter on your 3 0’clock traveling east at 5000 feet”. The icon will also turn red on the map, so you can quickly see all the aircraft with warnings to look out for. SafeSky gets their data from all kinds of sources, so you can expect to see aeroplanes with ADS-B, Mode S, FLARM, OGN, and a lot more! You can see their full list of supported protocols here.

In turn, all Gaggle pilots using the SafeSky feature will also show up in the SafeSky app, enabling airplane pilots to gain more awareness of paragliding and paramotor pilots and be better prepared, avoiding unexpected surprises in the air where you might have a close call that you did not really want.

To enable the SafeSky feature, Gaggle users need to opt-in by visiting the recording settings menu, tapping SafeSky, and then turning on the integration. Users can set a call sign that SafeSky users will see if they need to address them over radio communications. A privacy mode is also available which will hide the pilot’s call sign and personal information from other pilots while still showing location information.

The new integration between Gaggle and SafeSky is available to anyone to use, regardless if you have Gaggle subscription or not, and you can download the latest update today on both Android or iPhone. We are thrilled about this partnership with SafeSky and together, we hope that we are making the skies safer for everyone.

P.S: If you are a pilot flying other forms of aircraft then head over to the SafeSky website today and see if you can install it. It’s a really great app that integrates seamlessly with other apps used by airplane pilots, and I believe it can help all pilots to be safer if everyone joins forces to use it. The SafeSky is app is available in Europe and a few other countries worldwide. If you want get access to the SafeSky app in your country then please reach out to them to see when they are planning to add support for your region.