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Written by: Hennie Brink on May 2, 2024

Gaggle: The Best FlySkyHy Alternative for Android Users

In the world of paragliding, the right app can play a big role in elevating your flying experience by not just tracking your flight but also enhancing your safety and connectivity. While FlySkyHy has been a favored choice among iOS users, Android users have often felt left out with old apps that lack the features and updates they need.

That’s where Gaggle steps in. A feature-packed alternative that caters not only to iOS but also to Android users, making it a perfect companion for recreational paragliding pilots.

Feature Comparison

Gaggle offers an array of features that make it a robust alternative to FlySkyHy, especially for Android users:

  • Built-in and Bluetooth Variometer Support: Get precise altitude readings directly on your device, or connect to an external Bluetooth variometer for enhanced accuracy.
  • Live Tracking: Stay connected with friends in the air with real-time location updates.
  • Advanced Flight Instruments: Access vital flight data such as wind speed, glide ratio, thermal assistance, and nearby aircraft alerts, all designed to keep you safe and informed during your flight.
  • 3D Flight Replays: Relive your flights in three dimensions—a great tool for post-flight analysis and sharing your adventures with others.
  • Rich Post-Flight Data Analysis: Dive deep into your flight performance with detailed analytics that help you understand and improve your flying skills.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Enjoy many of Gaggle’s basic features and instruments at no cost, with additional advanced features available through subscription.

What Pilots Are Saying

Hear from pilots who have made Gaggle their go-to flying app:

  • Ben Buettner: “Works well and is very easy to use. I also found it quite accurate when compared to my Syride XL.”
  • Brian Rogers: “This is the ultimate app for gliders and aviators. In-flight spoken updates…are a huge help, especially when new to paramotoring. Nothing but love for this app and the team behind it.”
  • Tom Roth: “Mega app! Constantly updating it with relevant features and very responsive support. Love the new community feature, as a pilot who knows no one else who flies, I hope I can make some good mates through Gaggle.”


Gaggle Profile

Gaggle Profile

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Gaggle Instruments

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Gaggle Airspaces

Gaggle FLight Logs

Gaggle FLight Logs

Gaggle FLight Replay

Gaggle 3D FLight Replay

Why Choose Gaggle?

Gaggle is not just an app; it’s a community and a safety net, making it an ideal choice for Android-using paragliding enthusiasts. If you’re seeking a comprehensive, community-oriented flight app that keeps pace with your adventures, give Gaggle a try.

Download it today on the Google Play Store and join a global community of flyers who cherish safety, connectivity, and freedom in the skies!

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