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Flight Recorder Controls

At the bottom of the display you will get access to the flight controls and settings.

Flight controls

Recorder Status: On left-hand side is the flight recorder button. This starts off as orange while Gaggle is waiting for you to take-off. Once you start flying and the flight recording is started, the button will turn red, indicating that Gaggle is busy recording your flight. Tapping this button will show a dialog asking you if you want to stop the flight recording.

If configured correctly, Gaggle will automatically stop your recordings once Gaggle has determined that you landed. If a flight was recorded, Gaggle will go into an idle waiting state waiting for another take-off once you land, if no take-off is detected for 5 minutes then the recorder will shut down completely. This means that you don’t have to remember to shut down Gaggle once you finished your flight since it should shutdown automatically while you pack up your gear. Note about one-wheels: Because of the auto start/stop and idle behaviour of Gaggle, one wheels can trigger the flight recording to start and then stop causing Gaggle to shut down before you start your flight.

Distance Flown: Once your flight has started Gaggle will show you your total distance travelled in the top center of the widget.

Duration: Once you start flying your total flight duration for the current recording is shown in the bottom center of the widget.

Settings Toggle: On the right hand side is an easy access button to bring up the flight control settings where you can configure the widgets that Gaggle shows and also where you can access settings for units of measure and map orientation. Dragging up the flight control panel will also show the settings.