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Airspace Viewer

If you quickly want to look at airspaces for a region that you want to go fly in, or for planning purposes, you can use the built-in Airspace Viewer to see all the airspaces in an area. To open the airspace viewer you can go to the Explore section of the app, tap Airspaces, and tap the map to open the view.

For pilots in the USA, you also have the option of viewing the sectional charts by tapping the sectional map view displayed in the bottom left corner of the map.

Airspace Viewer Screen

The airspace viewer displays all the airspaces currently visible under the cross-hairs on the map, and it also gives high level details about each airspace such as:

  • Airspace Name
  • Airspace Class
  • Upper Limit
  • Lower Limit
  • Active Times

Tap anywhere on the map to see the airspaces that are visible under the cross-hairs. You can also slide the airspace slider at the bottom of the page to see airspaces that are higher from the selected one.

For members on the Adventurer plan a 3D viewer is also displayed in the top left corner circling the active airspace. This 3D viewer can be used to get a better understanding of the airspace and how it is shaped.

Airspace Viewer 3D

You can also view airspaces using the 3D viewer. Open the viewer by tapping the “3D” button in the top right corner of the viewer. This will open the 3D viewer and display the airspace in 3D. You can then use the 3D viewer to rotate the airspace and get a better understanding of the airspace and how it is shaped. Zooming into a specific airspace will show the upper and lower limits as labels on the edge of the airspace.