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Release - Feb 4, 2024

February 2024 updates to Gaggle

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  1. Performance Enhancements: We’ve made under-the-hood adjustments to boost the app’s overall performance, ensuring smoother and faster operations and improved battery life.
  2. Bulk Imports: We’ve introduced support for bulk imports. You can now import multiple IGC/GPX/KML files simultaneously, making it easier to manage and analyze your flights.
  3. Customizable Audio Cues: Tailor your flying experience with customizable audio cues. Choose the messages you want to hear for different updates in flight. Configure your audio cues in the Recorder settings menu.
  4. Collections: Simplifying route directories, we’ve renamed them to “collections” for better organization and accessibility.
  5. Recording Reliability: We’ve implemented improvements to make flight recording more reliable with some more enhancements coming in the next update.
  6. Replay Viewer Map Enhancements: The replay viewer map now follows your current position when autoplaying, similar to the 3D viewer. Zoom in to and hit the play button to see your flight from a new perspective.
  7. Negative Altitude Stat Values: We now allow negative altitude stat values, perfect for the Salton Sea Adventurers.
  8. Increased Group List View: The public group list view has been increased to show 100 items, up from 20, making it easier to find groups near you.
  9. GPS Connection Loss Audio Cue: A new audio cue has been added to alert you when the GPS connection is lost, and the recorder is no longer tracking your flight. An app restart might be required when this plays.
  10. Bug Fixes and Minor Improvements: Various small tweaks and fixes have been made to improve the app’s stability and user experience.

Fly safe, and let us know how these updates enhance your Gaggle experience. Happy flights everyone!