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Release - Jan 14, 2024

A happy 2024 to all!

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A happy 2024 everyone! We’ve been busy over December, and we’ve got some exciting enhancements and new features to share with you. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. New Achievements & Badges

    • Personal Milestones Rewarded: Celebrate your flying achievements with unique badges for milestones like altitude and cumulative flight hours per month.
    • Safety First: Our badges are designed to encourage personal growth in a safe flying environment, not to push pilots towards risky situations. For this reason you won’t find badges for rewarding risky behaviour, and we don’t show the minimum requirements for each badge upfront. We want to encourage pilots to fly safely and responsibly, not to chase badges.
  2. Updated Achievements Page

    • Annual Flight Statistics: Easily view and track your flight statistics on a yearly basis, offering a broader perspective on your flying journey while quickly finding flights for a specific month.
  3. Enhanced Recorder Pipeline

    • Improved Android Background Reliability: We now have a more seamless recording experience for users recording flights in the background on Android devices. Our recorder uses less memory and is more reliable, so you can focus on flying while we take care of the rest.
    • Effective Recovery from Shutdowns: Better recovery capabilities to protect your flight data and current flight configurations during unexpected shutdowns.
    • Battery Efficiency: Optimized flight recording to use less battery power when running in the background. Pleasure let us know if you still see high battery usage when recording in the background.
    • Increased App Responsiveness: Enjoy a smoother experience with enhanced app performance during flight recording.
  4. New Notifications for Favorable Flying Days

    • Stay Informed: Receive alerts for upcoming ideal flying conditions at your favorite sites. We will notify you when the weather is looking good for flying the next day, so you can make the most of your time in the skies. This only works for sites that you are actively flying at however and needs a flight in the last 30 days.
  5. Home Screen Flying Sites Improvements

    • Direct Weather Updates: Tap the new weather button on the Home Screen to access real-time weather info for flying sites maing it easier to plan your next flight.
    • Distance-Based Organization: Flying sites on the Home Screen are now sorted based on your proximity, simplifying your flight planning.
  6. Layout Improvements for Larger Screens

    • Optimized Viewing Experience: Enhanced layout and usability on desktops and tablets for a more comfortable interaction.
  7. Performance Enhancements

    • Snappier App Usage: General improvements in the app’s responsiveness and performance.
  8. Gaggle Now Available as a Website

    • Web Access: Visit for the full Gaggle experience on your web browser.
  9. Enhanced Security Measures

    • User Protection: New security features for better data and privacy safety.
    • Device Compatibility: Note that these updates may affect some Android devices, particularly those without official Google services or with unsecured bootloaders.
  10. Bug Fixes and App Enhancements

    • Continuous Improvement: Various small fixes and enhancements to improve your overall Gaggle experience.

We’re excited to roll out these updates and look forward to your feedback. Fly safe and make the most of your time in the skies with Gaggle!