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Written by: Hennie Brink on Apr 5, 2023

Gaggle: The App That's Revolutionizing the Paragliding Industry

Former firefighter, ambulance EMT, and military veteran James is a content creator who loves sharing his passion for adventure, outdoors, and travel. He’s relatively new to the scene, but he’s already making waves with his posts on YouTube, Facebook, IG, TikTok, and Pinterest.

One of James’s recent posts caught our attention, where he recommended the Gaggle app as a must-have for any paramotor or paragliding pilot. As a paragliding enthusiast himself, James raves about how Gaggle has enhanced his flying experience.

“The Gaggle app is an awesome way to make your paragliding experience even better,” says James. “The app allows you to track your flights in real time, see weather conditions and forecasts, stay connected with friends and your local community, share pictures and videos, view safety information and more.”

James particularly loves the app’s real-time GPS flight tracking feature, which is easy to use. “You simply tap ‘record Flight’ prior to takeoff and Gaggle does the rest,” he explains. “The app detects when you take off and records your entire flight path including altitudes, lift, g-force, average altitude, distance, and more. You can also play your flights back afterward on an interactive map.”

Another cool feature of Gaggle is the ability to sync flights with friends who are also using the app. “All the data is saved to your profile,” says James. “If you use Gaggle every time you fly, it can be a great tool for helping track your personal flying hours, and that of your equipment such as your Paragliding wing and Paramotor.”

While James certainly recommends Gaggle to fellow pilots, we’re also excited to check out more of his content. With his diverse background and love of adventure, we’re sure he has plenty of stories to share. Be sure to follow James on his various social media channels to keep up with his latest adventures! Head on over to his website and check out his post on recommended apps for paramotoring here: