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You can see all of your paragliding and hang gliding wings from the Equipment page. With Gaggle, you can store all of your wings to easily choose which one you are busy flying with when you start a new recording.

Flying with one wing for paragliding and a different one for paramotor? That not a problem either, Gaggle will remember which wing you last flew with for each type of flight making it easy to record your flight next time without having to remember to change the wings when yous start the recording.

To add more wings to Gaggle you can simply tap the ”+ Add” button which will give you a dialog to capture some basic information about the wing.

See your wing’s details

Wings Screen 2

Service history

Gaggle can help you keep track of the service history for your different equipment. In the service history section you can set the last data that your wing went for a service.

If you use Gaggle to record your flights then your hours are automatically updated for you so you will always know exactly how many hours have been flown on your wing since your last service. You can also update these values manually by tapping on the field you want to edit.


Gaggle provides some fields for you to keep track of your technical information for your wing. These fields are just for your reference, and it does not serve any other purpose within Gaggle. Fields like Glide Ratio, Airspeed are all calculated in flight using current conditions.

Wing Colors

From the colors section you can set the colors of your wing. Setting your wing colors not only helps for your reference but Gaggle can also use the colors to personalise your profile for other users.

When your wing colors are set then:

  • Your primary and secondary colors are used on your location indicator when flying with other pilots.
  • Your primary color is used to color your recording line when linking your flight to other flights.
  • Your wing color will also be used in other areas of the app not mentioned here.


In the notes section you can capture any notes that you want to keep for this wing.