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Release - Nov 17, 2023

Introducing "Ask Gaggle"

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  1. Add a new personal assistant called “Ask Gaggle” that you can ask questions about flying, the Gaggle community, and more.
  2. Add a new waypoint widget to the map screen that shows you the distance, heading, and time to your next waypoint.
  3. Add a new toolbar to the map screen that allows you to stop your flight recording and access other features seamlessly.
  4. Fixed various problems with Bluetooth device connections.
  5. Descriptions on Points of Interest can now include clickable links.
  6. Added a “Fly To” button on Points of Interest.
  7. Fixed G-Force readings showing incorrect values. Historical flights should also be correct now.
  8. You can now drag to close the weather view on Flying Sites.
  9. Routes are now export as routes in GPX files instead of just waypoints.
  10. Inactive airspaces now exclude from the map.
  11. Added a new instrument Widget that shows current time, sunsent time, flight duration, flight distance.
  12. Flight log exports now include and additional column for the flight duration in decimal format.
  13. Added a delete option for Points of Interest that will archive the POI removing it from public view.
  14. Added in a current altitude announcement after any aircraft warning announcements.
  15. Removed the compass from being used while on the ground, it was causing issues for some people resulting in the app crashing.
  16. Increases line thickness for the waypoint line on the map based on font size.
  17. Changed next waypoint color to yellow for satellite view.
  18. More wind calculation improvements.
  19. Implement numerous tweaks and bug fixes, ensuring that Gaggle is smoother and more reliable than ever.