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Written by: Hennie Brink on Nov 17, 2023

Introducing "Ask Gaggle" – The Latest AI Companion in Your Gaggle App!

Ask Gaggle

ntroducing “Ask Gaggle” – The Latest AI Companion in Your Gaggle App! 💥 Exciting Update for Gaggle Pilots!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to your favorite flying app, Gaggle! With our newest update, we’re taking your flying experience to new heights by introducing an innovative feature: “Ask Gaggle,” your AI-powered in-app flying companion.

🤖 Meet “Ask Gaggle”: Your Personalized Flying Assistant

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the best paragliding spots in Cape Town or looking to connect with local pilots in Miami? “Ask Gaggle” is here to make your flying experiences more informed and connected. Here’s what “Ask Gaggle” can do for you:

Connect with Local Pilots: Discover and connect with a community of pilots wherever you are. Explore Flyable Sites: Get insights into the best flying sites around your location. Stay Informed on Airspaces: Receive up-to-date information on vital airspaces to ensure your safety. Personalized Flight Stats: Access personalized statistics about your flights for a tailored flying experience. Assistance with FAQs: Get quick answers to frequently asked questions about paragliding and paramotoring. And More: “Ask Gaggle” is constantly learning and evolving to serve you better. 📌 Enhanced Navigation with the Waypoint Widget

Back by popular demand, the dedicated waypoint widget returns to your Gaggle app! Now navigate with ease, having essential details like heading, time, and distance at your fingertips.

📱 Refined User Interface for a Smooth Experience

In pursuit of offering a distraction-free flight experience, we’ve integrated recorder controls into the map actions toolbar. A simple move or tap on the map brings up the toolbar, allowing you to stop your flight recording and access other features seamlessly.

⚙️ Stability and Performance Improvements

We’ve also implemented numerous tweaks and bug fixes, ensuring that Gaggle is smoother and more reliable than ever.

🪂 Your Experience, Our Commitment

At Gaggle, we are committed to enhancing your flying experience and keeping you connected with the global flying community. The updates and features we introduce are a direct result of your feedback and experiences.

💌 We Want to Hear from You!

Your insights and suggestions are invaluable to us. Update your app, take “Ask Gaggle” for a spin, and let us know what you think! Feel free to comment here, or reach out to us at [email protected]. We read and respond to every message with care.

Happy and Safe Flying!

Fly high, fly safe, and stay connected with Gaggle – your ultimate companion in the sky.