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Routes with waypoints

Gaggle has support for routes and also a return home which will guide you back to your take-off location. When you aren’t flying a specific route the default behaviour is to make your take-off location your only waypoint that Gaggle will always guide you back to.

Next waypoint widget

The Waypoint widget will show you key information about your next waypoint that you are traveling to. It displays 4 key pieces of information:

Waypoint Widget

Name: In the top center, the name of the waypoint that you are currently routing to is displayed.

Distance: The left-hand side of the widget shows you the distance you need to travel to reach the waypoint.

Direction: In the center of the widget, the direction of travel that is needed to reach the waypoint is displayed. This will show the direction based on your current direction of travel, so if the arrow is pointing up, your waypoint is front of you.

Time to Waypoint: Gaggle shows you the estimated time it will take to reach your waypoint based your speed in the direction of the waypoint. This time will include current wind condition in its calculations.

The map will also give a visual guide of the waypoints on the route with the next waypoint on the route being shown in yellow.

View all route waypoints

When you are flying a specific route, you can open up the route viewer by tapping on the waypoint widget. The route viewer shows you key information about your route, and it also allows you to skip waypoints in the route by simply tapping a waypoint.

Full Route View

For each waypoint in the route the following key pieces of information is shown:

  • Waypoint Name
  • The distance from previous waypoint
  • The total distance remaining to reach the waypoint, when passing through all previous waypoints
  • Estimated travel time from previous waypoint
  • Estimated travel time to reach the waypoint, when passing through all previous waypoints