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Release - Apr 4, 2024

March 2024 Updates to Gaggle

A photo of a pilot flying above a leaderboard.
  1. Hide Individual Airspaces: Easily navigate and manage airspaces with the revamped airspace list in settings allowing you to hide individual airspaces.
  2. Decimal Support for Equipment Service: Log precise service intervals for your equipment, ensuring nothing is left to approximation.
  3. USA Sectionals Bug Fixes: Enjoy more accurate and reliable USA sectional charts, now sourced directly from the FAA.
  4. Import and Recording Bug Fixes: We’ve smoothed out the hiccups in importing and recording your flights.
  5. Variometer Enhancements: The variometer will now sound a bit better and be more responsive to changes in altitude.
  6. Improved G-Force Chart Display: We made some improvements to how G-Force is displayed in the charts, and we included a horizontal line to indicate zero G’s.
  7. Added Wind Indicator to Live Tracking View: Gauge the wind for a pilot that you are tracking with a small indicator that shows wind direction from the pilot’s perspective.
  8. Performance Improvements: We’ve made some more performance improvements which should make the app feel snappier and more responsive and reduce battery usage.
  9. Fixed Height Above Ground Bugs: Accurate height above ground and altitude readings, even if the recorder starts mid-flight.
  10. New Option to Change Nearby Pilot Markers: Customize how you view fellow pilots nearby on the map with new marker options under Settings > Display > Map.
  11. Reworked Friend View Dialog: A fresh, user-friendly design makes keeping up with your flying friends a breeze.
  12. Leaderboards and Hall of Fame for Groups: Challenge your friends and earn your place in your group’s hall of fame with new competitive features. Read more about it on our blog.
  13. Current Location in Airspace Viewer: Always know where you are with your current location now visible in the airspace viewer.
  14. Enhanced Explore Map View: Discover your next adventure with ease thanks to a new quick add function (long press on the map), refined filters, and a new search bar.
  15. Improved Experience for Sharing Recordings with Groups: You can now quickly change your sharing settings before a flight by tapping the share button under the start record button. Sharing with Groups also now shows the groups in a list with toggles for each group.
  16. Improved Recording Replay View and Graphs: Relive your flights with an upgraded replay view and more detailed graphs. Tap the speed button to adjust the replay speed and graph granularity.
  17. Elevation Audio Cues Enhancements: Stay aware of your altitude with improved audio cues, especially when flying closer to the ground.
  18. Increased Font Sizes on Maps: Read maps with ease during flight with larger, clearer font sizes.
  19. Other Minor Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: Various tweaks and refinements to ensure Gaggle runs like a well-oiled machine.

Fly safe, and let us know how these updates enhance your Gaggle experience. We’re always here, listening and improving, because every flight should be a story worth telling. Happy flights, everyone!