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Written by: Hennie Brink on Dec 2, 2022

We've updated our prices

Gaggle started out as a passion project 2 years ago, and it has grown a lot over the years, becoming even more than what we could have imagined. Our small and passionate team really love building Gaggle for the community, and we want to do so much more to truly make it the best companion app for pilots all over the world. We aim to help pilots fly more and help grow the community and sport to bring the exhilarating experience of flight to more people. To realise this dream takes time and money which is why we decided to increase subscription prices on the 2nd of December 2022, the 2-year anniversary date of Gaggle. We understand that price increases are never nice, but we hope that we can answer some questions about why it’s happening in the blog post.

What are the new prices?

From the 2nd of December 2022 we will be increasing the prices of the annual plan to $39.99 (USD) and the 6-month plan to $19.99 (USD). We are also introducing a monthly plan at $4.00 (USD).

I already paid for my Gaggle subscription, will I be charged more when my subscription renews?

No, you will not be charged more. All existing subscribers will remain at their original prices. Only new subscribers are impacted by the price change. If you cancelled your subscription, and you want to subscribe again then you will have to pay the new price.

Why the new prices?

Unlike the other apps made for our sport, Gaggle is updated frequently with features and enhancements, and you as a subscriber receive priority support for any issues that you might raise. In order for us to continue adding more features and functionality to Gaggle we need your support so that we can give as much time and attention as possible to it.

In addition to the time and effort needed to improve Gaggle, we also make use of a lot of external services in Gaggle. Your flights and log books are always stored securely in the cloud, sharing routes and seeing friends nearby is seamless and works out of the box, and you get to visualise your flights in 3D. To provide all of this functionality we use 3rd party service providers that each have a cost associated and to make this sustainable going into the future we need to increase prices.

Will there be more price increases in the future?

We will evaluate prices for Gaggle once a year, but this may not result in price increases every year. We stay highly engaged with the flight community, and test decisions with real pilots before making them. You can rest assured that if we do ever increase prices in a way that affects you then we will give you notice and the option to cancel your subscription. You will always have access to your raw flight data even if you do decide to cancel your subscription with Gaggle.

Will there be more affordable options in future?

We want all pilots to enjoy and benefit from Gaggle, so we continue to offer our free tier where you can record and view your flights. Functionality that requires external services or significant processing on our end will remain a premium feature. We are also introducing the monthly plan so that you have more freedom to cancel / pause your subscription to save costs when you won’t be flying for an extended period of time. We are also looking at the possibility of introducing new pricing structures that will allow you to buy premium access for shorter periods of time when you know you will be flying often.

Is there anything I can do to contribute to Gaggle?

Definitely! We are always looking for friends of Gaggle that can help us test new features and that will give us new ideas for features that you would like. Email us at [email protected].