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Written by: Hennie Brink on Mar 30, 2023

Gaggle Flight Recorder: More Than Just a Fun App

We recently received a heartwarming testimonial from one of our users, Avery Colburn, and we couldn’t be prouder of Gaggle’s impact on their life. The user shared their experience of how Gaggle helped them locate a pilot who didn’t make it back to the airport. Here is his story.

At first, Avery thought that the social function of the app was pointless and he didn’t see much use for it. However, when they realized that a pilot was missing, and nobody had his contact information, they turned to Gaggle for help. Using the app, they were able to see nearby flights, including the missing pilot’s flight. They verified it was him by his unique wing/motor combo that he used during his flight, which Gaggle also helpfully records with your flights.

Looking at his recorded flight, they discovered that he landed an hour earlier and several miles away in a field. Thanks to Gaggle, they were able to plug in the nearest intersection and drive right to him. If it wasn’t for Gaggle, they might not have been able to find him at all.

Avery’s experience highlights the importance of having a reliable and accurate flight recorder like Gaggle. It’s more than just a fun app; it’s a safety feature that can help save lives.

We are proud to offer a reliable and accurate flight recorder that makes planning, navigating, and recording flights easy and convenient for all the pilots out there. Stories like there really make all the effort that we put into building Gaggle worth it and helps us to push even harder to bring even more to our small but growing community.

​Thank you for choosing Gaggle, and happy flying!