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Friends and Followers

In Gaggle, you can follow other pilots, and they can follow you. You can also mark pilots you are following as friends which gives you more privacy control within the app.

Friends and Followers

You can access the friends and followers page by navigating to the Profile tab and selecting the Followers/Following numbers next your profile picture, or from the navigation menu on the community page. The page is divided into 2 sections:

  2. Following

You can tap on any of the pilots in the list to open up their profile page. Tapping on the 3 dots next to a pilot will open up a menu where you can:

  1. (Followers) Mark the pilot as a friend - Friends have the strictest privacy settings, and only they can see your flight recordings when you’ve set your privacy to friends only.
  2. (Followers) Block the pilot - This prevents them from seeing your flight recordings, live location, and flight notifications.
  3. (Following) Mute the pilot
  4. (Following) Change notifications for the pilot
  5. (Following) Unfollow the pilot