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Release - Nov 24, 2023

Improves to Airspaces and GDL90 support

Airspaces update post image
  1. Moved airspaces to the Explore page.
  2. Improved the UX for airspaces to make it easier to find and view airspaces.
  3. New 2D airspaces viewer making it easier to view airspaces.
  4. New 3D airspaces viewer to get a better understanding of the shapes of airspaces.
  5. New Sectionals viewer for viewing airspaces on the sectional charts. USA only.
  6. Added support for GDL90 devices like Stratux and SkyEcho 2. This can be enabled in the recorder settings page.
  7. Improvements to the wind algorithm to make it more accurate.
  8. Fixed a few issues with sunset times, flight duration, and flight time.
  9. Made the map easier to read in satellite mode.
  10. Waypoint symbols on the map now scale based on the font size.
  11. Fixed a few issues that causes the device to crash when running in the background on some devices.
  12. Improvements to takeoff and landing detection. The recorder is now less sensitive to movements while on the ground.
  13. Various bluetooth fixes.
  14. Archived equipment is now hidden by default.
  15. Live tracking will now be more reliable when loading after tapping a notification.
  16. Explore page now remembers your filter preferences.
  17. Added a new admin request banner on sites to improve community contributions to Gaggle.
  18. Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.