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Written by: Hennie Brink on Feb 20, 2024

Introducing regional pricing for Gaggle's subscription plans

Our mission remains steadfast: to enhance your flying experience with the most comprehensive and user-friendly flight recording app available. Today, we’re announcing some important updates to our subscription plans that reflect our commitment to meeting our community’s needs and adjusting pricing based on different regional economic conditions, while balancing increasing costs of service providers and running our infrastructure.

Date of Implementation

Starting 22 February 2024, Gaggle will introduce adjusted pricing for our monthly subscriptions and a new, fairer regional pricing strategy on many of our plans.

New Pricing Details

Frequent Flyer Plan: Now $4.99/month
Adventurer Plan: Now $7.99/month

For those looking for even greater value, our annual plans offer significant savings, with up to 15% or more in price reductions. About 80% of the countries where we have pilots using Gaggle there will actually be a price reduction on the annual plans.

Rationale Behind the Changes

These adjustments are made to keep pace with inflation, address increased supplier costs, and manage the fluctuations in exchange rates experienced over the last year. Furthermore, by including sales tax in Android prices by default, we’ve managed to lower the cost in some countries, aligning our prices closer to local buying power.

Impact on Current Subscribers

Existing subscribers will not see any price increase. In fact, in regions where prices have decreased, this benefit will automatically apply to your subscription.

Enhancing Gaggle

The additional revenue will fuel the development of community-focused features, such as events and live tournament tracking. We’re also investing in improving existing features, like weather capabilities, ensuring Gaggle remains a vital tool for every pilot.

Comparison with Competitors

Even with these adjustments, Gaggle remains competitively priced, offering unparalleled value in the flight recording app market. We believe that even with these prices, Gaggle is still the best value for money in the market.

Embracing Global Fairness

To ensure our new pricing strategy is as fair and accessible as possible, we’ve utilized This platform has been instrumental in helping us analyze and set prices that reflect the economic realities of each region we serve. By doing so, we’re not just adjusting prices; we’re making a commitment to equity and sustainability in the services we offer.

For those in the app development and digital product sectors looking to explore regional pricing, is an excellent resource. It’s helped us a lot in understanding the complexities of regional pricing and has been instrumental in our decision-making process.

Our Commitment to You

As a single developer dedicated to enhancing your flying experience, these changes are crucial for continuing to provide and improve upon the quality service you’ve come to expect from Gaggle.


While we are not actively seeking feedback through a formal mechanism, we always welcome your thoughts and concerns at [email protected].


We understand that change can be challenging, but we believe these adjustments are necessary for Gaggle’s sustainable growth and for offering even more value to our beloved flying community. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we take this next step together.

Hennie Brink
Creator of Gaggle