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Release - Oct 5, 2023

Weather radar, Japanese language support, and more

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  1. Added Japanese language support.
  2. Fixed problems with bluetooth scanning and connecting.
  3. Improved performance when loading nearby flights and the community feed.
  4. Fixed a bug with the local time not showing in the flight replay viewer.
  5. Improved SafeSky connection reliability and retry behavior.
  6. Improved auto error correction for IGC imports.
  7. Added support for importing routes from KML files.
  8. Added the ability to delete (archive) a flying site.
  9. Added the ability to search for public groups.
  10. Improved wind direction and speed calculation.
  11. Improved wind gust factor calculation for determining if site conditions are flyable.
  12. Updated the 3D replay visualiser to use Google’s photo realistic terrain engine.
  13. Improved the nearby aircraft widget to now show a red airplane if there are any aircraft warnings active.
  14. Added additional toggles to adjust visible instruments and map elements.
  15. Fix a few issues with the explore view not loading items correctly.
  16. Added a small weather radar viewer behind the wind speed and direction widget.
  17. Improvements and fixes to the variometer and climb rate measurement.
  18. Improved flight take off detection.
  19. Increased the sync frequency for airspaces.
  20. Various other small bug fixes and performance improvements.